I am Aymen El Amri a DevOps/Linux engineer and I am living actually in Paris (France).

I am working for companies and help them improve their products efficiently. I am also the author of SaltStack For DevOps. I coded my first video game at the age of 17 and co-founded my first startup project at the age of 24. I develop software and contribute to Free & Open Source projects. I use GNU/Linux as an OS, python as a programming language (scripting, web, multithreading, mining, text analysis ..etc) and agile(scrum/XP) as a methodology.

Across my academic course, I went through technical/engineering, theoretical and social aspects of information & communication technologies. My work experiences are diversified and I have an advanced understanding of the web, software/system engineering. When I am not geeking, I play guitar, take photos and dream.

Check out my blog where I am sharing my experiences and knowledge about Dev & Ops, Linux & Web. Find me also on Twitter or send me a message or an email (amri.aymen AT gmail DOT com)