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The 10 Best DevOps Books of 2016

Update: After the success of this blog post I decided to create Books For DevOps: Hand-Picked DevOps & Modern Software Engineering Books. BooksForDevOps is “The Product Hunt of Modern IT Books”. This post is a...


The 15-point DevOps Check List

The 15-point DevOps Check List DevOps is a culture that requires some practices and a new vision, its common goal is unifying people and organizations around unique goals. The 15-point DevOps Check List is...


DevOpsLinks is Awesome : Curated & Must Read Content For DevOps, SysAdmins & Fullstack Developers.

“DevOpsLinks: A free newsletter for DevOps, SysAdmin and Full Stack Developers” is a community newsletter that I started two months ago. Through this post, I would like to share with you the interesting links...