DevOpsLinks #1 is Out: ElasticSearch, Databases Microservices & ITIL vs DevOps

Since some month I have created a newsletter to share my reading list. The newsletter is DevOpsLinks and its first issue is out. The newsletter is featuring curated content, must-read articles and tools. If you are interested in getting a weekly list of curated content in your box, I invite you to subscribe.

The main articles shared in the first issue are about ElasticSearch in production, databases containers & microservices and ITIL/DevOps. In general, I will be sharing the best of my weekly reading list and it is about:

  • Web Ops
  • Sys Ops
  • Monitoring
  • Micro Services and Docker
  • Cloud Services
  • DevOps Tools
  • Automation
  • ..etc

If you will subscribe you will get the next issues the next Sunday.

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