The Jumpstart Up: A Practical Handbook For Leading Agile & DevOps Transformation

As a software engineer / system during my previous work experiences, I worked on projects that failed and others that were a success. I was always curious about the reasons that may fail a technical project and the reasons why a project could be successful.

I was always interested in methodologies and procedures and I think that is a key to success. Teams that will adapt, re-organize, measure the degree of success and then change what does not work in the previous organization are progressive teams who understand the “lean game”.

Startups, companies and any organization that develops a product or technological service are now facing the challenge of agility, cloud, time-to-market, KPIs and many other constraints. Today the development is not anymore using the waterfall model but all is going in the direction of DevOps philosophy/techniques and towards more agility.

Recently I decided to write a book that I called “The Jumpstart Up” in which I speak about agile and DevOps practices in a practical way. This book is actually the fruit of many years of experience, ascertainment, technological forecast, experimentations and professional experiences.


I published recently some of the content of this book on Medium, you can find them here:



To whom this book is addressed:

  • If you are leading a digital transformation in your organisation and you want to broaden your view with rich perspectives about DevOps 2.0 and other proven methodologies
  • If you start developing your startup products and you want to set up an efficient development and operations process to handle your future growth
  • If you would like to acquire a common general knowledge about development and operations productivity gains
  • If you are a non-technical founder and you still want to understand what are the efficient techniques, architectures and tool that can help your IT development
  • If you would like to know about this DevOps thing

This book will help you. 

The book is “lean published” which means that it is not finished yet but I will be adding content and I will be ameliorating the content in function of your feedbacks. You can get the book right now, actually it is almost 15% finished and its price is relative to the book status. If you will get it now, you will receive all the future updates of the book by email.

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