Celery Worker/ RabbitMQ Broker: Step By Step Introduction

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  1. Manish Yadav says:

    How can i start celeryd or celerybeat daemon in production without django. i need help please take a look at this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41821614/celery-daemon-production-local-config-file-without-django .

  2. Plant Park says:

    what’s the version of celery? I used celery==4.0.2, ImportError happened. No module named task.

  3. Jan Kyselák says:

    I get this message: [2017-05-06 16:53:42,527: ERROR/MainProcess] consumer: Cannot connect to amqp://guest:**@ [Errno 111] Connection refused.
    Trying again in 12.00 seconds…

  1. May 1, 2016

    […] #5 Finally a development post about using Celery + RabbitMQ […]

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