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MongoDB/Pymongo Quickstart

MongoDB is one of most known NoSQL database management systems. In this blog post I am trying to give a quickstart about installing and configuring MongoDB and then connecting to the database using Python/Pymongo. I will be using...


Extract a Hashtag : The regex

A regular expression (regex) to pick out one or more hashtags from a tweet, I tried several possibilities to do that. Searching the web, I’ve seen many, except that the majority does not fit...


A single command to kill a list of processes

Imagine you have a list of processes running a single application, this happens with apache/httpd for example. See: root@eonNode:/# ps -aux|grep apache root 3066 0.0 0.4 96028 4544 ? Ss 11:20 0:00 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k...